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Zombie Blackjack makes busting entertaining

We continue to stand on 20’s and split all Pairs of aces. In Zombie Blackjack, dealer ­upcards have almost taken a 180 degree turn. While a dealer 10 can still turn into a 20 and will do so rather frequently, the dealer bust no longer becomes something we hope for only when we choose to stick on a hand we shouldn’t or wind up with a 17 or 18. The cost of sticking on these sub 18 hands will be even more costly now. You’ll still win on a bust (all of them), but you give up all opportunities to improve your hand. The only thing you stand to gain with by not hitting is when the dealer busts with a 22 (which will be a Push and not a win against your 14!). When we crunch all the numbers, we find a game with a payback of just over 99% (assuming 3 to 2 pays on blackjack). This is a notch below regular blackjack, but with a strategy that is quite frankly a lot easier to remember for the beginner. I’m looking forward to seeing if Zombie Blackjack can turn into the hit that Free Bet did.

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